A solid evidence base

To fight your enemy, you have to know your enemy. In the case of TB this means analyzing the data which is collected by National TB Programs (NTPs) to look at trends, numbers and age- or gender-specific rates, and conducting TB prevalence surveys and drug resistance surveys. You also need to find the best ways to combat that enemy, and test your weapons through operational or implementation research. KNCV uses its wide expertise and experience to help NTPs and other TB fighters to collect and interpret the data they need.

We work to create a solid evidence base for existing and new tools and interventions by:

  • Implementation research: to find out viability, cost effectiveness, acceptability and feasibility for scale-up
  • Operational research, to provide locally relevant solutions to locally defined problems (which may yield results that can be used in similar settings elsewhere);
  • Population epidemiology: surveys and surveillance to measure the extent and course of the TB epidemic

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