Ensuring access to care

Eliminating TB requires blocking the cycle of transmission and disease. KNCV’s approach is to impact all three crucial components of this cycle: prevention of transmission; prevention of progression from infection to disease; and early effective treatment of patients with TB.IMG_0257

Decades ago KNCV shifted from its historical focus on passive case-finding of sputum-smear positive pulmonary TB to a more comprehensive set of interventions, including TB infection control, diagnosis and treatment of latent TB infection, and a rational mix of passive and active case-finding strategies followed by prompt and effective treatment. Today KNCV brings a wealth of experience in all three intervention areas, ranging from the introduction of IC worldwide and decades of LTBI treatment in The Netherlands, to scale-up and decentralization of PMDT in many parts of the world. In addition, we were the first organization in the industrialized world to develop and help implement national guidelines for TB control among high-risk groups such as (illegal) immigrants, prisoners and substance abusers (1995). We build on that successful experience to design custom-tailored services for key affected populations for all types of TB, wherever we work.

We strongly feel that these experiences are of great relevance to high-prevalence countries which are now upgrading their programs to include IC, LTBI management, PMDT scale-up and active case finding among key affected populations. At the same time, we acknowledge that introduction of new interventions requires robust basic general TB control systems. Therefore KNCV follows a rational step-by-step approach to introducing and scaling up additional and more resource-intensive interventions, while taking into account the national context and preserving any advances already achieved. We deliver technical assistance in this field through our country offices, supported by complimentary expert advice from KNCV central office.

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