International training on TB drug management and quantification.

TB Drug Management and Quantification

The Centrer of Excellence (CoE) on Programmatic Management of Drug resistant TB(PMDT), Rwanda is organizing a training on TB Drug Management and Quantification for Pharmaceuticals Supply chain managers/coordinators, quantification specialist/officers (Member of quantification team), medical warehouse managers, procurement specialist/officers, medical logistic officers, Pharmacists, Medical doctors, Nurses



TB Drug Management and Quantification
February 08 – 12, 2016
Kigali, Rwanda

This course teaches participants on Strengthening their Countries on TB Drug Management and Quantification.
In this five-day course, participants will strengthen their capacity to manage and forecast TB drugs usage to ensure an uninterrupted supply of TB medicines and treatment for TB patients.

Benefit of Training:

  1. Effectively use QuanTB for quantifying anti-TB medicines and other commodities
  2. Effectively identify and monitor important data elements required for implementing Early Warning and Monitoring System (EWS) to prevent stock outs and/or expiries
  3. Identify and properly respond to challenges contributing to inadequate quantification

The application and more information can be found here.

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Registration deadline: February 05, 2016