TSRU Meeting 2017

TSRU 2017 Wednesday 29 March – Friday 31 March 2017

TSRU is a more than 40 year old research community, composed of national TB programs, TB research institutes and universities.

The main objective of the TSRU is to host a forum to discuss tuberculosis (TB) epidemiology relevant to TB control and surveillance. Planned, ongoing or finalized research projects in various countries are presented in an annual meeting.

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation hosts the secretariat of the TSRU. Dr. Michael Kimerling is the TSRU convenor. The chair of the  Scientific Committee for the 42nd TSRU meeting will be Prof. Gavin Churchyard of the Aurum Institute and Dr. Edine Tiemersma is responsible for the secretariat.
The main activity of the TSRU is an annual 2½ day conference.

Information about the history of the TSRU is provided in the article written in 1998 by Annik Rouillon: The International Tuberculosis Surveillance Research Unit: the first 30 years.

Registration: Please register online before 24th of February 2017

NOTE: the website will be updated with new/revised information frequently.

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