Ascent: four key outputs

The ASCENT project (July 2019 – Dec 2022) will build on existing evidence, innovations in adherence technology and growing global momentum to implement integrated DAT interventions in five key countries (Ethiopia, the Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, and Ukraine) for all types of TB (DS-TB, DR-TB, LTBI). Comprised of four key outputs, the ASCENT project will operationalize a DAT intervention in diverse geographic, cultural, and infrastructural settings.

Output 1: Operationalization of DAT intervention

Over a two-year period (2020-2021), the ASCENT project will work collaboratively with the National TB Programs (NTPs) in our project countries to facilitate adoption of an open source adherence platform capable of supporting the use of WHO-approved DATs, including 99DOTS sleeves, evriMED medication monitors and SureAdhere Video Supported Treatment (VOT) approaches, in order to enable innovative new patient-centred, optimized TB care pathways.

Output 2: Evidence generated for optimal use and scale

During the operationalization of the DAT intervention, key research questions will be addressed to generate crucial evidence that can contribute to further refinement of the global WHO normative guidelines, support country guidance for the optimal use and scale up for a global DAT market.

Output 3: Global market established for optimized product, price and supply chain of DAT

The goal is to ensure that the market is primed for DATs and that the anticipated global growth in demand – resulting from implementation, utilization, and stakeholder engagement activities primed in the ASCENT scope of work – can be met.

Output 4: Key stakeholders engaged and prepared to scale up DAT intervention

We will engage with key global and in-country stakeholders to prepare for scale-up of the DAT intervention. To ensure alignment with key global stakeholders (including WHO and Global Fund) on application and receptivity with regard to DATs, we will establish a global Digital Adherence Technology Task Force.

The four outputs together will directly contribute to the ultimate outcome of building a scalable, affordable, and evidence-based patient-centred treatment support package informed by DATs for all types of TB.

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