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In 2017, the World Health Organization estimated that close to 36% of tuberculosis (TB) patients were “missing”. This translates to approximately 3,6 million people with TB for whom it is not known if they have ever received a diagnosis or appropriate treatment. To end the TB epidemic, it is necessary to find, diagnose and treat these missing patients.

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation has developed a “Find and Treat all Missing Persons with TB” (FTMP) strategy with an Operational Guide that defines a practical district level approach to find, diagnose, and treat people with tuberculosis (TB) who are at risk of acquiring TB and who are missed by formal and informal health systems. It will guide high TB-burden countries to assess and understand their district level epidemic and health- & community systems. They can then develop, implement, and assess the impact of FTMP interventions.

Download the Operational Guide


Systematic approach

The systematic FTMP approach follows 3 stages to develop, implement and measure impact of the FTMP interventions.

Download the FTMP M&E Framework


You find here the tools that can be used to introduce and implement the FTMP approach:

  1. FTMP introduction package including the FTMP PowerPoint presentation and the FTMP brochure to introduce the FTMP strategy and the Operational Guide in-country.
  2. The FTMP toolbox, with tools that can be used in the different stages of the FTMP implementation.


Course materials

Here you find the course materials from the FTMP workshop and the Contact Investigation post graduate at the UNION Conference 2018:

  • Workshop  “Strategic case finding: find and treat people with tuberculosis who are missed by routine health systems
  • Post graduate course “How to perform contact investigations”