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  • Ukraine

    Challenge TB | Lead Partner: PATH | Country Director: Katya Gamazina | Partner: KNCV Our Activities The goal of the first year Challenge TB Project in Ukraine is to improve […]

  • Swaziland

    The Kingdom of Swaziland is one of the smallest nations in Africa, neighbored by Mozambique and South Africa. The country was first established in the eighteenth century and gained its […]

  • Nepal

    Intro The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a country located between China and India in the Himalayas and is home to 26.4 million people. The name Nepal has existed […]

  • The Philippines

    Background The Republic of the Philippines is a sprawling archipelago of thousands of islands to the North of Indonesia. With a population of roughly one hundred million, the Philippines gained […]

  • Uzbekistan

    Challenge TB | Lead Partner: KNCV | Regional Director: Svetlana Pak Our Activities KNCV has been working in Uzbekistan since 2005. As part of the current KNCV led, USAID funded […]

  • The Netherlands

    The Netherlands is a small country in Western Europe on the North Sea coast, bordered by Germany and Belgium. The country consists of territory in Northwestern Europe, as well as […]

  • Malawi

    Challenge TB | Lead Partner: KNCV | Country Director: Anthony Abura Our Activities According to the Global Tuberculosis Report 2018 by the World Health Organization, Malawi is one of the […]

  • Kenya & East-Africa

    Challenge TB | Lead Partner: KNCV | Country Director: Victor Ombeka Our Activities The Challenge TB East African Regional (CTB EAR) project focuses its activities in six African countries (Ethiopia, […]

  • Botswana

    Challenge TB | Lead Partner: KNCV | Country Director: Dr. Diriba Agegnehu Mosissa Our Activities In Botswana, KNCV focuses mainly on providing technical support in various technical areas of TB […]

  • Vietnam

    Challenge TB | Lead Partner: KNCV | Country Director: Dr. Nguyen Thien Huong Our Activities Vietnam is one of thirty countries that not only has a high-burden of TB but […]