Challenge TB | Lead Partner: MSH | Country Director: Mohammad Khakerah Rashidi | Coalition Partner: KNCV


The Challenge TB project in Afghanistan is led by MSH and KNCV is the coalition partner will have local partnership with BPHS NGOs for its implementation. Challenge TB will focus on helping the NTP maximize its outcomes through these technical areas; Strengthening leadership and management for TB control focus on provincial level, Increasing TB case notification and improving quality of care strengthening M&E, surveillance and operations researches, expansion of urban DOTS and community based DOTS, implementing TB infection control and strengthening health systems.

The main aim of the Challenge TB Afghanistan project is to assist the NTP to reach its strategic objective of increasing TB case notifications by at least 6% annually through provision of quality TB services to the needy communities countrywide.

To enhance the leadership and stewardship role of the NTP team and NGOs, Challenge TB will improve the governance and coordination of TB service delivery at provincial and local levels. As a result the NTP will be able to develop and apply tools and approaches that will improve its leadership and management capacity. Ultimately, decentralization and multi-sectorial partnership at provincial level must address NTP’s strategic programmatic gap of low TB case notification and maintain the treatment success rate.

Challenge TB will assist the NTP with:

  • Expanding Urban DOTS to five additional cities that have similar settings as in Kabul.
  • Expanding DOTS to rural areas through CB-DOTS.
  • Addressing the needs of vulnerable populations both in urban and rural areas through expansion of DOTS to prisons and enhance contact screening.

To further strengthen the CB-DOTS approach implementation in country, Challenge TB will implement this approach in 13 provinces: Baghlan, Badakhshan, Herat, Takhar, Jowzjan, Faryab, Kabul, Bamyan, Khost, Paktya, Kandahar, Nangarhar Balkh and in selected districts in Ghazni and Paktika provinces. Also, the Challenge TB will develop the contingency plan for all those provinces with insecurity.

Health systems strengthening is an essential area that will allow the NTP to reach its strategic objectives. Challenge TB will assist the NTP with having the most up-to-date and practical policy guidelines to address the TB challenges.

Challenge TB will sustain the progress made in TB-IC and expand implementation to selected heath care settings in CB-DOTS provinces and Urban DOTS cities. Challenge TB will implement the following illustrative key interventions:

The Challenge TB project will also improve upon the gains made during previous USAID TB projects on strengthening monitoring & evaluation and operations research.