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Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia, bordered by Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. Home to nearly 30 million, Uzbekistan is a former Soviet republic with its capital and largest city in Tashkent.

Tuberculosis in the country
TB remains an important public health problem in Uzbekistan. In 2015, there were an estimated 24,000 incident TB cases, including 10,000 multidrug-resistant (MDR-)TB cases (WHO TB report, 2015). Because of the high number of MDR-TB cases, Uzbekistan is among the high priority countries of the WHO European Region.

According to estimates, in 2015, 2600 people lost their lives to TB with an additional 320 dying of a combination of HIV/AIDS and TB. TB mortality overall decreased with 100 compared with 2014, when 2700 people died of TB. But the estimated MDR-TB mortality rate is currently increasing. Multidrug-resistant TB is a significant threat to Uzbeks. That is why the National TB program is developing an appropriate treatment option for MDR-TB patients by introducing Bedaquiline and short regimen.

KNCV Activities in the country
Preparations were made to modernize TB infection control, increase diagnostic testing capacity in two regions and introduce shorter and new drug regimens with appropriate pharmacovigilance and drug forecasting management.

Since 2005 KNCV has been working in Uzbekistan to fight TB. As a part of the current Challenge TB program, KNCV provides technical assistance to the National TB Program in Uzbekistan on improvement of access to high-quality patient-centered TB, drug resistant-TB & TB/HIV services. As well, KNCV helps country to implement the shorter regimen and the new drugs for drug-resistant TB treatment including diagnosis and bacterial confirmation of drug resistance, treatment regimen design, monitoring of treatment efficacy and safety, and programmatic evaluation.

The current Challenge TB program in Uzbekistan is implemented by WHO (leading partner) in partnership with KNCV (collaborative partner). Challenge TB is a flagship program from USAID.