Since the turn of the century, an estimated 49 million lives have been saved because of TB diagnosis and treatment (WHO). In order to continue this good work, KNCV focusses on particular activities to achieve maximum impact:

KNCV helps countries build and implement their TB fighting strategies

We provide technical advice and knowledge to support countries in the process of developing and implementing solid national strategic- and annual working plans that adhere to international guiding principles. By working together, we aim to build local capacity, thereby increasing the ability of people and systems to develop and become self-sustaining.

KNCV generates, applies and shares knowledge

We are a worldwide expertise center for TB control that generates a solid evidence base for new and existing tools and interventions, helping countries to apply them and facilitate the sharing of knowledge and ideas.

KNCV plays a pivotal role in international TB policy development and advocacy

KNCV participates in and regularly facilitates the development of policies, guidelines and tools, in cooperation with the WHO, Stop TB Partnership or TBCTA partners. By working together with governments, public and private health companies, research institutes and civil society organizations worldwide we keep TB on the global agenda and help mobilize resources.

Our impact

Please refer to our individual country pages to see the impact we have in the countries where we work.

Testing TB patients for HIV

TB is the leading cause of death for people living with HIV. It is crucial to test people living with HIV for TB in order to ensure proper care is provided.

Providing treatment for TB/HIV co-Infected patients
When a person is co-infected with TB and HIV, it is important they receive potentially life-saving Anti Retroviral Treatment (ART). KNCV endeavors to start all registered TB/HIV co-infected patients on ART.

Providing treatment for MDR-TB patients

Multi drug resistant tuberculosis is a significant threat to global health. KNCV believes it is essential to provide effective treatment for MDR-TB patients worldwide, in order to save lives and stop the global MDR-TB epidemic.

Preventing people from developing active TB

Tuberculosis can remain dormant for years, or even decades, waiting for a moment when the immune system is weakened. Curing TB before it develops into active TB prevents suffering, save lives and is an essential tool to eliminate tuberculosis around the world.

Finding missing patients

The WHO estimates that a third of all TB cases worldwide remain undiagnosed. In order to find and treat these people, ‘active case finding’ is required. KNCV strives to find the missing cases so that we might properly understand the size of the global TB epidemic, an important step towards reaching a world free of TB.

Saving TB patients’ lives

Treating and curing TB patients is one of our top priorities. By properly treating TB patients, we save lives, and work towards ending the suffering tuberculosis continues to inflict around the world.