The KNCV Annual Plan

At KNCV, we value looking forward. Please refer to the KNCV Annual Plan 2017 for an in-depth look at our current and upcoming activities.

Our Goals

Short-term: Save lives, alleviate suffering
In the short term, KNCV aims to save lives and alleviate human suffering due to TB, to curb the TB epidemic and to prevent further spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis.
Read about what we have done last year in our Annual Report or click here to see more about our current projects.

Mid-term: Prevent & Control
In the medium term, our goal is to reach the targets for TB prevention and control set by the international community and guided by the WHO Global Strategy, which aims for a 95% reduction in deaths and a reduction in the global incidence of TB to less than 10 cases per 100.000 populations, all by 2035.
Click here to see our strategic plan 2015-2020 or see the WHO End TB Strategy

Long-term: Eliminate TB
For the Netherlands, by 2035 we aim to reduce the rate of TB incidence to the elimination target of less than one case per million population. In the long term, KNCV strives for the complete elimination of TB worldwide.
What impact does KNCV aim to have? Please see the KNCV Strategic Goals