In 2014 we defined our strategy for 2015-2020. In the coming years KNCV will work towards achieving its mission of eliminating TB in three focus areas: access, evidence and supportive systems. In the long term, KNCV strives for the complete elimination of TB worldwide. For the Netherlands, by 2035 we aim to reduce the rate of TB incidence to reach the elimination target of less than one case per million inhabitants.

KNCV follows the WHO strategy, which aims for a 95% reduction in deaths and a reduction in the global  incidence of TB to less than 10 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, all by 2035.


KNCV is dedicated to improve access to early TB prevention and care for patients with all forms of tuberculosis and achieve better  individual outcomes and public health impact. We do this by developing and delivering a comprehensive country specific package of interventions for prevention of transmission. We work to prevent the progression from infection to disease, by offering early diagnosis and effective treatment of TB disease, and overcoming barriers for special patient groups.


We generate a solid evidence base for new and new and existing tools and interventions. KNCV Generates evidence about the TB epidemic, the control response and specific interventions through implementation research, operational research, population epidemiology and building research capacity in these areas.

Supportive Systems

Every day we work to bolster the governance and management capacity of National TB Programs (NTPs) to ensure robust, responsive and inclusive national TB Control systems. We do this by developing and delivering comprehensive, needs-based, country-specific managerial assistance packages. These packages cover strategic and operational planning, resource mobilization, engagement and coordination of other sectors and partners and monitoring and evaluation.