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“Missing TB cases” refer to the gap between the more than ten million people that get sick with TB every year, and the number that are reported to national TB programs. These people might not be receiving proper care and could therefor continue to transmit the disease as well as potentially die.

  • Scaling up lab services

    KNCV creates linkages between the multiple players and disciplines in the TB diagnostic process

  • Standardization and quality

    KNCV’s technical support helps countries conduct assessments and develop a National TB Laboratory Strategic Plan

  • Private-public mix

    KNCV supports National TB control Programs in their engagement with private laboratories

New diagnostic tools


KNCV has been heavily involved in the implementation and scale-up of diagnostic tests in many countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Kenya, Botswana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.
As a result, the number of MDR-TB patients diagnosed with rifampicin resistance has grown rapidly, saving many lives because treatment could be started sooner, preventing further transmission of the disease through adequate MDR-TB treatment.

Technical Assistance:

Our technical support to countries includes the development of national diagnostic guidelines, standard operating procedure registers, training curricula, and other tools for the implementation of new diagnostics.
KNCV also advises laboratory networks on the adoption and expansion of new diagnostic technologies and conducts evaluation of the utility, feasibility and cost-effectiveness of these diagnostic tests in day-to-day patient care.

Looking ahead

  • Developing TB-specific laboratory strategic plans;
  • Implementation of novel, WHO-endorsed, laboratory technologies;
  • Safeguarding the quality-assured diagnosis of TB by building Quality Management Systems;
  • Strengthening local operational research capacities to evaluate the impact of new laboratory diagnostics;
  • Fundraising for resources to develop vital diagnostic capacity, including well-equipped laboratories, adequately trained staff, and appropriate coordination.

Read more in our brochure “Improving laboratories and diagnosis

Finding the missing cases in Ethiopia

KNCV supports the use of GeneXpert for diagnosing TB among Persons Living with HIV (PLHIV) and children, and promotes the use of the test to screen key populations, including prisoners and healthcare workers.