Right Diagnosis, Right Treatment

KNCV believes in a patient-centered approach, which warrants innovative, practical and effective tools and interventions to optimize diagnosis and treatment for all. Unfortunately, the experience to date with the introduction of new diagnostic tools, drugs and treatment regimens shows insufficient preparedness of countries and national TB programs for the rapid uptake and scale-up of these innovations.

KNCV’s initiative on ‘Right Diagnosis, Right Treatment’ aims to accelerate the processes required for piloting, adoption, implementation, evaluation and scale-up of successful interventions. At its core is KNCV’s ‘Patient Triage’ approach. This promotes access to new drugs and regimens coupled with rapid, specific molecular tests to detect TB and various forms of drug-resistant TB. It offers early and correct ‘triaging’ of patients to the least toxic, shortest, most appropriate and effective regimen, without the risk of creating more drug-resistance.

By now KNCV has helped with the successful implementation of new drugs and shorter treatment regimen in 21 countries. We had to wait for 40 years for new TB drugs, let’s not loose time to use these!

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