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  • Sarah van de Berg

    Biography will follow soon

  • Mamel Quelapio

    Maria Imelda (Mamel) D. Quelapio Consultant I PMDT An Infectious Disease specialist, Dr. Mamel Quelapio started TB work at the Tropical Disease Foundation, where she provided significant support in establishing […]

  • Kristian van Kalmthout

    Kristian van Kalmthout, MSc Consultant Digital Health Kristian van Kalmthout is a consultant at KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation (KNCV). In 2011 he graduated Maastricht University with a master degree in Global […]

  • Fraser Wares

    Fraser Wares, MPH Consultant PMDT Fraser Wares is a trained public health physician. He has worked on TB control for over 20 years in Africa, Asia and Europe, including 14 […]

  • Edine Tiemersma

    Edine Tiemersma PhD, MSc Consultant Epidemiology Edine Tiemersma is a senior epidemiologist with over 20 years of experience in epidemiology. She was trained as a biologist with special interest in […]

  • Jens Levy

    Jens W. Levy, PhD Senior Consultant Senior Epidemiologist Jens Levy is a Senior Epidemiologist with over twelve years of experience with international infectious disease research and another 8 years prior […]

  • Netty Kamp

    Netty Kamp, Consultant PPM Netty Kamp is a Senior Advisor in tuberculosis (TB) control, specialized in health and community systems to achieve quality patient centered service delivery care through public […]

  • Agnes Gebhard

    Agnes Gebhard, MD, Director Technical Division Agnes Gebhard is a Medical Doctor with a postgraduate specialization and more than 23 years’ experience in Public Health and TB control. She worked […]

  • Svetlana Pak

    Dr. Svetlana Pak is a Regional TB Consultant with over 15 years of experience in different areas of TB control, including TB control in vulnerable populations. She provides technical support […]

  • Nico Kalisvaart

    Nico A. Kalisvaart Consultant Surveillance & Data Management Nico Kalisvaart is Surveillance and Data Management. He is an expert in supporting several countries in developing a TB surveillance system (internet and […]