Kristian van Kalmthout

Kristian van Kalmthout, MSc Consultant Digital Health

Kristian van Kalmthout is a consultant at KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation (KNCV). In 2011 he graduated Maastricht University with a master degree in Global Health and wrote his thesis on how to leverage internet and mobile phones to improve volunteer coordination and disaster response in Kenya. He gained work experience in the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in various settings such as health programs, hospitals and (social) enterprises.

In 2015, he joined KNCV as Young Professional and was given the opportunity to develop a broad professional basis in TB control through intensive training in The Hague coupled with an international field assessment of 2,5 months in Bangladesh.

His main areas of interest are digital health, programmatic management of drug-resistant TB and new TB diagnostics.

At KNCV he provides technical support to National TB programs in Bangladesh, Malawi, Nepal, Swaziland and Ukraine to asses and implement digital health solutions to improve the accessibility, availability and the exchange of information to empower patients, health providers, managers and policy makers to take well-informed decisions.