Mamel Quelapio

Maria Imelda (Mamel) D. Quelapio Consultant I PMDT

An Infectious Disease specialist, Dr. Mamel Quelapio started TB work at the Tropical Disease Foundation, where she provided significant support in establishing one of the first private-public DOTS clinics in the Philippines, the first GLC-approved DOTS-Plus project globally. She served as its Clinic Physician, and as part of a team collaborated with the NTP through Global Fund support to scale up programmatic drug-resistant TB management (PMDT) in the country.

In 2011, as WHO-WPRO Technical Officer, she set up the regional WPR GLC, and worked closely with member countries as the regional MDR-TB focal point. As an independent consultant, she assisted WPRO and SEARO with GLC applications, monitoring missions, program reviews, training, and protocol development in countries including Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the DPR Korea.

She was a member of the Guideline Group for the WHO PMDT Guidelines revision, and contributed to the WHO Companion Handbook. Dr. Quelapio participated in nationwide prevalence surveys, and multicenter clinical trials, and in international workshops pertaining to the private sector, new drugs and regimen, and pharmacovigilance. Currently, she is a senior PMDT consultant in the KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, providing support to Asia in the programmatic introduction of new drugs and the shorter regimen for multidrug-, and extensively drug-resistant TB.