Request for Proposals For Sub-award in improving case management system for DR-TB patients in Tajikistan

Request for Proposals For Sub-award in improving case management system  for DR-TB patients in Tajikistan

USAID Cooperative Agreement No. AID-OAA-A-14-00029

Managed by: KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation

Funded by: United States Agency for International Development


Improving care of DR-TB Patients in communities

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation (KNCV) calls for project proposals from civil society organizations (CBOs, NGOs) of the Republic of Tajikistan for the  implementation of activities to improve prevention, detection and treatment of tuberculosis with special emphasisto the quality of treatment of patients with drug resistant tuberculosis in two areas: Rudaki district and Gissar city.

  • Goal:

To provide a comprehensive support to communities to improve TB prevention, diagnosis and care, particularly care of DR-TB patients on new regimens treatment.


  1. Establish a mechanism of the collaborative actions on TB prevention, diagnosis and treatment in the districts amongst TB service and stakeholders (Local authorities (Hukumats, Jamoats), PHC, committees and communities)
  2. Support DR-TB patients on new (shorter and new drugs) regimens to improve treatment adherence with focus to DOT and psychological and social support
  3. Conduct awareness raising activities TB IEC campaigns among population and risk groups to reduce stigma and improve referrals of TB suspects (people having TB symptoms) and their timely diagnosis.

Project duration: 11 months:            from November 01, 2017, to September 30, 2018.

Geographical scope:

Rudaki district and Gissar city

Project indicators and expected results:

  • All DR-TB patients on new regimen treatment in pilots are covered by DOT
  • At least 95% of patients on new regimens adhere treatment (do not interrupt treatment).
  • At least 5.000 presumptive TB patients referred by communities to health facilities for diagnosis;
  • Detection of TB and DR-TB patients increased by 10% in each of two pilot districts in comparison to the same period last year.

Plan and methodology of work:

  • Detailed plan and mechanism of cooperation between TB Centers, local authorities (Khukumats/Jamoats, etc.), regional and district health care departments, primary health care facilities, Healthy Lifestyle Centers, local and international organizations, which are working in the covered areas, should be elaborated;
  • Detailed working plan should include the breakdown on tasks and include indicators/objectives, expected results and time frames;
  • Proposal should include a clearly described and realistic plan on support of the project after completion of financing (project sustainability plan);
  • Plan of regular monitoring and quality assessment should be elaborated.

Applicants are required to indicate in their proposals, whether they are dealing with similar activities using grants and financial support of other donors in order to avoid duplication (if such activities are carried out at the time of proposal compilation). Applicants should also inform us about the implementation of other projects financed by USAID or other donors in order to use the grants rationally.

Qualification requirements:

  • Last three years experience in implementation of outreach campaigns for general population and  risk groups on public health issues and in particular on prevention and control of tuberculosis, TB/HIV and HIV;
  • Experience in work with local communities and involvement of volunteers from activists and Mahalla leaders, Jamoats, religious leaders and etc.;
  • Experience in cooperation with relevant state structures (for example: Khukumats of district, Regional Health Care Departments, District Health Care Departments, Healthy Life Style Centers, TB centers, Jamoats, Mahalla committees) and national and international organizations;
  • Experience in cooperation with non-governmental organizations and community authorities.


Project budget:

Project budget should be elaborated in details, indicating the cost of each planned activity within the framework of project purposes and tasks. Budget template is provided as part of proposal. The cost should be indicated in USD. All expenses should relate strictly to planned activities, including breakdown of budget lines. Together with the budget template, the potential sub-awardees will also be required to define their indirect cost rate when applicable. The co-financing with other donors is welcomed. Any changes in the budget should be agreed with and approved by KNCV.

The costs for procurement of office equipment, vehicles, medicines, duty travels abroad, development and printing brochures and booklets ARE NOT ALLOWED.  Other kinds of purchases for conducting of public educational campaigns will be allowed only after agreement with and approval by KNCV.


Please read the full request for proposal here.