Short Term Consultancy Donor Mapping & Local resource mobilization KNCV Ethiopia

Terms of Reference

Short Term Consultancy Donor Mapping & Local resource mobilization KNCV Ethiopia

Duty station: Addis Ababa

Ethiopian National only


KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the fight against tuberculosis (TB), the deadliest infectious disease in the world. KNCV is an international center of excellence for TB control that promotes effective, efficient, innovative and sustainable tuberculosis control strategies in a national and international context. Our multidisciplinary team of passionate professionals covers a broad range of expertise such as programmatic TB control, research, clinical management, social science, education, digital health, and project management.

Over the past century KNCV has made a significant contribution to the successful fight against TB in the Netherlands. Since the 1970s, we have shared our knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world. We operate from a central office in The Hague, the Netherlands, a regional office in Central Asia and country offices in Africa and (central) Asia. KNCV raises funds from private, institutional, corporate and government donors.

KNCV Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, KNCV has lead TB CAP and TB CARE I projects since 2008 (funded by USAID). Currently, KNCV is the lead partner in the Challenge TB project (funded by USAID). The project focuses on improving quality of TB services (both in terms of access and service utilization as well as patient centered care), increasing case finding (both in terms of targeted active case finding (ACF) and diagnostic capacity) and enhanced sustainability and strengthening health systems at all levels.

Objectives of the assignment

KNCV is aiming to diversify its funding base in Ethiopia through resource mobilization and improved KNCV external communications and relationship building to support the national program in combatting TB and other related comorbidities. In a close collaboration between the country team and the KNCV head office in the Netherlands, the objective is to have a stakeholder mapping  that will give guidance for identifying and accomplishing additional and diversified funding opportunities for KNCV in Ethiopia.

Overall, the assignment should give an indication of potential for diversification of funding and resource mobilization for KNCV in Ethiopia. The report should answer a number of questions in order to result in appropriate follow up by the KNCV country team and KNCV Head Office.

Therefore, KNCV requests the consultant to deliver the following elements in the report:

  1. Mapping of potential donors, partners and other stakeholders
  2. Inventory of capacity and skills available in KNCV country team for institutional fundraising and external communications
  3. Recommendations and follow up action plan

Ad 1.    Mapping of potential donors, partners and other stakeholders

In consultation with the KNCV country team, the consultant will perform a mapping of relevant institutional donors (e.g. DGIS, CIDA, DfID etc), international organizations, private sector actors, civil society stakeholders and research institutes with a direct link to TB and/or public health. The mapping should also give insight in eligibility of KNCV for receiving different types of funding given local registration rules and regulations.

KNCV also wants the report to include a mapping of potential partner organization and NGOs and CSOs for joint program development or joint bid applications. Lastly, under this mapping we would like to get insight in relevant networks or sector working groups and NGO/CSO networks KNCV is not (yet) connected.

Ad 2.  Inventory of capacity and skills available in KNCV country team for resource mobilization and external communications

In this part of the report, KNCV would like to get more insight in the local capacity available for resource mobilization, including proposal development and donor relationship management at the KNCV country office. What are the training needs of the current staff in the above capacity? Are there local proposal writer consultants available in country that can be hired on consultancy base? What are the essential or core staff required for KNCV local staff to continuously raise fund and/or how can this essential function be addressed from the HQ? In addition to these the internal operational system of KNCV office will be assessed.

What would be a good strategy for improving KNCV’s external communication to potential donors and other stakeholders in relation to Ethiopia? Is there a need for country and program specific promotion material, factsheets and booklets? Is there a need for a country specific KNCV website? What other communication needs would be recommended?

Ad 3. Recommendations and follow up action plan

In the final section of the report we request the consultant to provide recommendations for the follow up of the consultancy results in the form of an action plan, setting out a timeline and priorities. Actions for follow up could entail a visiting plan for embassies and donor representative offices and workshops for program development with potential partners, internal capacity development plan, or a timeline of interesting Requests for Proposals or upcoming tender procedures.

The consultant will also assess the need to add to the existing promotional materials on KNCV vision and mission and recommend actions to be taken to improve the visibility of KNCV Ethiopia.


KNCV is looking for an Ethiopian national who is an analytical, out-of-the-box thinker and can develop innovative ideas towards achieving the objective of the consultancy.

Applicants need to have proven insight in the donor landscape analysis in Ethiopia, knowledge of current developments in funding mechanisms (particularly in Public Health) and a proven track record in human resources development and external communication.

Furthermore, we require excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to organize and prioritize with eye for detail.

Application and Information

Please send your letter of interest, together with your CV, references and a quotation including daily fee via e-mail before 18 December 2016. Please include the reference RM2016-01 in the subject line of your e-mail. For more information please contact Ms. N. Veenman via e-mail:

Number of days: 15 days, of which at least 6 days at the KNCV Office, and a maximum of 3 days report writing
Deadline for reporting: 1 February 2017
Duty Station: Addis Ababa