Short Term Technical Advisor for the Challenge TB Malawi Project

Short Term Technical Advisor for the Challenge TB Malawi Project


Terms of Reference

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the fight against tuberculosis (TB), the deadliest infectious disease in the world. KNCV is an international center of excellence for TB control that promotes effective, efficient, innovative and sustainable tuberculosis control strategies in a national and international context. Our multidisciplinary team of passionate professionals covers a broad range of expertise such as programmatic TB control, research, clinical management, social science, education, digital health, and project management.

Over the past century KNCV has made a significant contribution to the successful fight against TB in the Netherlands, and since the 1970s, we have shared our knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world. We operate from a central office in The Hague, the Netherlands, a regional office in Central Asia and country offices in Africa and (central) Asia. KNCV raises funds from private, institutional, corporate and government donors.

Challenge TB

KNCV is the lead partner in Challenge TB (CTB), the USAID-funded 5-year global program to decrease TB mortality and morbidity in high burdened countries. We lead an international consortium with eight partner organizations: American Thoracic Society (ATS), FHI 360, Interactive Research & Development (IRD), Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Foundation (JATA), and Management Sciences for Health (MSH), PATH, The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union), and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The overarching strategic objectives of CTB are to improve access to quality patient centered care for TB, TB/HIV, and drug-resistant TB services; to prevent transmission and disease progression; and to strengthen TB platforms.


TA requester & contact information –  KNCV on behalf of the National TB Control Program in Malawi                                                            

Brief background:

Malawi Ministry of Health – National TB Control Program (NTP), with funding from the Global Fund New Funding Model (NFM) grant, has procured upper-room Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) irradiation equipment for use at high-risk settings to reduce healthcare-associated transmission of tuberculosis. The GUV systems are being installed in prioritized healthcare facilities in Malawi; and they are part of the overall 2016-2019 Infection Control (IC)-Push initiative through the NTP and its partners to complement other priority TB IC measures. KNCV is seeking a consultancy service to support the NTP in conducting commissioning of the GUV systems installations as outlined the following sections of the Terms of Reference.

Counterpart at KCNV local office: Country Director Anthony Abura,

Technical Assistance objective  


To validate the effectiveness of upper-room germicidal UV systems installed at high-risk settings for TB transmission in high-volume healthcare facilities in Malawi as per National Tuberculosis Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines (Second Edition 2016).

Technical Assistance Activities

  1. Review installation design of GUV systems for each room which includes location of fixtures, electrical installation, total available UV output per cubic meter
  2. Conduct standard UV output measurements for each fixture
  3. Conduct eye-level UV measurements for each room to evaluate occupational hazard/patient safety
  4. Check electrical installation such as wiring, dedicated on-off switches
  5. Check status of slow-moving air-mixing paddle fans for each room
  6. Assess facility user knowledge on GUV use and effectiveness
  7. Assess preparedness of health care system to support use and maintenance of GUV fixtures.


Period of performance & charge codes

Maximum billing days allowed, total: 45 days
# of preparation days 1 day
# of in-country days 40 days in country + 2 travel days
# of deliverable completion days 2 days


Required deliverables

# Deliverable Due date Required content
1 Debrief PowerPoint presentation Last day of fieldwork Use of standard template
2 Summary mission report (five days after the STTA) 5 days after fieldwork Use of standard template
3 Full report (that includes key findings on the design, installation and maintenance plan, concerns and recommendations) 2 weeks after fieldwork  


Required skills of the Consultant:

  1. Extensive demonstrable experience in GUV systems for air disinfection of healthcare facilities to prevent nosocomial TB infection
  2. Licensed Electrical Engineer in the country of residence
  3. Successful participation in the Harvard course on Building Design and Engineering Approaches to Airborne Infection Control, focusing on TB Infection Control
  4. Sound knowledge of medical equipment for hospitals and laboratories with experience in consulting and/or installation, maintenance and general service.

Application and information

Your application (curriculum vitae, proof of prior experience and proficiency in the stated

assignment, fee indication) should be sent before March 23rd, 2018 to: Jan Willem Dogger, email:, under subject “COMMISSIONING GUV INSTALLATIONS”.

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