Short Term Technical Advisor for the USAID TB Control Program in Tajikistan


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Short Term Technical Advisor for the USAID TB Control Program in Tajikistan

Terms of Reference

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation
KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the fight against tuberculosis (TB), the most deadly infectious disease in the world. KNCV is an international center of expertise for TB control that promotes effective, efficient, innovative and sustainable tuberculosis control strategies in a national and international context. We are an organization of passionate TB professionals, including doctors, researchers, training experts, nurses and epidemiologists. We aim to stop the worldwide epidemic of TB and to prevent the further spread of drug-resistant TB.

Over the past century we have built a wealth of knowledge and expertise, initially by successfully controlling TB in the Netherlands. Since the 1970s, we have also shared our knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world. We operate from a central office in The Hague, the Netherlands, a regional office in Central Asia and country offices worldwide. KNCV raises funds from private, institutional, corporate and government donors.

USAID TB Control Program
KNCV is the sub-contractor of USAID TB Control Program, 5-year regional program to decrease TB mortality and morbidity in high burdened countries. The USAID TB Control Program seeks to improve the health status of the people in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan by building the capacity of national TB control programs to provide more effective and accessible TB diagnosis and treatment, which will reduce the burden of TB and MDR-TB and the development of drug-resistant tuberculosis. The Program supports national TB prevention, care and treatment programs and contributes to the goals of WHO’s Global Strategy and Targets for Tuberculosis Prevention, Care and Control after 2015 (the End TB Strategy) and the United States Government’s (USG) Global Tuberculosis Strategy.
Tajikistan is among the 27 high multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) burden countries in the world. Although the country has committed to the Stop TB Strategy, there are still challenges in the programmatic management of TB control program due to insufficient knowledge in tuberculosis epidemiology that was confirmed by the results of recently conducted monitoring and cohort analysis in Tajikistan. TB case’ detection is still low and challenging as well as respective prevention and surveillance in the source of TB infection and around it. Analysis of infection and assessment of infection risk are not conducted and the country is not able to do TB estimations adequately or it is not accurate. In addition, epidemiological measures are not adequate due to low qualification of specialists from TB and SES services, weak collaboration between AIDS and TB centers as well as limited involvement of PHC into the process. The MDR TB project has implemented since 2011 in pilots and reached countrywide expansion by the end of 2014 and in 2015 NTP started treatment of XDR-TB patients. In 2016 the NTP/MOH made decision to introduce WHO recommendations related to shorter regimens and new drugs for treatment of MDR-(XDR)TB. In support to this initiative, NCV Tajikistan as sub-contractor of the Tajikistan’s USAID TB Control Program will provide technical assistance to strengthen the capacity of the national TB specialists in programmatic management of DR-TB cases. One of the key activities of this objective is training of TB specialists in TB Epidemiology.
Purpose of the position
The purpose of the assignment is to provide technical assistance to the National TB Programme Tajikistan in strengthening capacity of national and regional TB specialists in TB surveillance, analysis and epidemiology. Objectives include developing training materials and presentation for TB and DR-TB Epidemiology workshop. Facilitate three-day workshop on TB and DR-TB Epidemiology in Dushanbe for 20 national and regional TB specialists


  1. TB and DR-TB Epidemiology workshop materials and presentations developed
  2. TB and DR-TB Epidemiology workshop conducted and 20 TB specialists trained
  3. Report with recommendations developed within 1 week after completion of the activity.

The TA individual or organization operates under the supervision of the Country Director and reports directly to the Country Director. All reports on the mission process and deliverables should be shared also with KNCV HQ for final approval. Submission of the report is due within 2 weeks after completion of the mission.

The total proposed level of effort (LOE) for this assignment is 12 days, including 2 days for travel.
The assignment needs to take place in August – September 2016, exact dates can be agreed on.

KNCV branch office in Dushanbe, Tajikistan


  • Master’s degree relevant to the assignment
  • Knowledge of current WHO policy recommendations on TB control
  • At least five years of experience in TB researches;
  • Any experience in mapping exercise will be an added advantage;
  • Documented experience in writing of technical reports, scientific publications and/or funding proposals.
  • Knowledge of high-burden, resource-constrained countries and organization of national TB programs based on practical experience preferably in Central Asian countries
  • Experience in design and conducting operational researches
  • Excellent oral and writing skills in English and/or in Russian
  • Self-starter, team player, dynamic, solid, open, flexible, integrity, organizational awareness
  • Understanding of cultural differences
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with ability to cooperate and negotiate with technical and funding agencies, and to establish and maintain effective working relationships with international and national staff at all levels are key attributes.

What does the KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation offer?

  • A consultancy contract for the period of the assignment
  • An international environment where initiative is appreciated
  • A fee that is competitive for the scope of the assignment

Application and information
Your application (curriculum vitae, proof of prior experience and proficiency in the stated assignment, fee indication) should be sent before 14 July 2016 to:

Katja Lumelova, email:, under subject “Tajikistan STTA EPI TB Control Program”.

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