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Progress in Southern India

Progress in Southern India

KNCV is proud to report on the significant progress being realized by REACH, local partner of KNCV in the EQUIP PPM project, funded by the Eli Lilly MDR-TB Partnership. Recently, REACH has expanded their activities to work with a leading private children’s hospital in order to facilitate early diagnosis and treatment of TB in children. The organization conducted a sensitization event for about fifty doctors at the hospital where they were updated on the recent developments in pediatric TB management, standards of TB care in India, and the services provided by REACH.

In addition to REACH’s growing efforts in pediatric TB, the dedicated professionals at the local NGO have also begun integrating their active contact screening initiative into the RNTCP program, including the engaged private sector. This means REACH’s impressive team of dedicated local health workers will support the screening of household contacts of TB patients.

Furthermore, REACH’s experience working with private providers is significantly contributing to Project Axshya, which held its first-ever Patient Charter Sensitization meeting for those undergoing treatment in the private sector. Participants were sensitized about the roles and responsibilities of TB patients. REACH then conducted patient reviews, resulting in seven patients being referred to undergo diagnostic testing and receive nutritional supplements, if needed.

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