Challenge TB | Lead Partner: KNCV | Country Director: Dr. Bakyt Myrzaliev

Our Activities

The WHO has designated the Kyrgyz Republic as one of thirty countries in the world that has a high-burden of multidrug-resistant TB (WHO Global Tuberculosis Report 2017).

KNCV through Challenge TB in the Kyrgyz Republic goal is to reduce the TB burden by improving management of pre-XDRTB, XDR-TB and other complicated forms of MDR-TB.

The USAID funded CTB project has helped the Krygyz Republic National TB Program (NTP) to enroll patients with multi and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis in new, more efficient treatment regimens recommend by the WHO. Patients with first-time multidrug resistant TB are treated with a shorter regimen (nine to twelve months instead of two years), and more complicated cases of MDR-TB and extensively drug-resistant TB are treat with individualized regimen, tailored to each patient and reinforced with the new drugs bedaquiline or delamanid. IN 2017 alone, 21 patients have already been cured on the shorter regimen in half the time, with half the pills and fewer long-term side-effects than the standard treatment. These new treatment options have helped patients, once out of treatment options, recover from severe drug-resistances.

Additional support in the form of case managers, treatment supporters and psychologists have resulted in a adherence rate of 90%, in contrast to only 75% for the standard treatment.

By the end of 2018, the Krygyz Republic will shift entirely to the new treatment options.

KNCV continues to reinforce capacity building of the NTP and Primary Health Care centers through regular supportive supervision visits, study tours, mentoring, as well as on-job and international trainings. In one year, more than 1,000 NTP and pilot sites healthcare workers were training in local and international advanced courses on the Programmatic Management of Drug-resistant TB (PMDT).

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