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KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation is the lead partner in the USAID project Challenge TBthe largest TB control project in the world. KNCV has led previous USAID TB control projects TB CARE I (2010-2015), TB CAP (2005-2010) and TBCTA (2000-2005). Challenge TB currently works in 22 countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, East Asia and Africa.

Challenge TB Strategies and principles

The Challenge TB partners operate using a framework which has four strategies: > Engage stakeholders, including national TB programs, new partners and individuals, and especially youth. > Empower key decision-makers, people affected by TB, and marginalized and vulnerable populations. > Evaluate interventions, measure quality, develop evidence, and implement best practices. > Expand on the provider and service range, and remove barriers to access. In addition, there are four principles to which Challenge TB partners are committed: quality-focused deliverables and technical assistance; locally owned and generated innovations, research and solutions; innovative approaches, technologies, tools and thinkers; and a patient-centered focus throughout our work.

Objectives and intervention areas

Challenge TB has three objectives, each with several focus areas for interventions:

Objective 1: Improved access to high-quality patient-centered TB, DR-TB & TB/HIV services

  • By improving the enabling environment
  • By ensuring a comprehensive, high quality diagnostic network
  • By strengthening patient-centered care and treatment.

Objective 2: Prevent transmission and disease progression

  • By targeted screening for active TB
  • By implementing infection control measures
  • By managing latent TB infection.

Objective 3: Strengthen TB service delivery platforms

  • By enhancing political commitment & leadership
  • By strengthening drug & commodity management systems
  • By ensuring quality data, surveillance and monitoring & evaluation
  • By supporting human resource development
  • By building comprehensive partnerships & informed community engagement.

The coalition

Challenge TB is implemented by a unique coalition of nine international TB control organizations.

Led and managed by:

  • KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation

Coalition Partners:

Read more about the project on the special Challenge TB website.


  • World TB Day in Indonesia: TOSS TB campaign

  • National Implementation of GxAlert in Botswana

  • Engaging Ethiopia's civil society

  • "Everybody felt a part of this"

  • Pilot for ambulatory PMDT accelerates access to treatment in Nigeria

  • “We now know the direction we have to take.”

  • Tackling Childhood TB in Ethiopia

  • Data Dictionary for second-line TB drugs forecasting

  • Electronic surveillance in Vietnam

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    World TB Day in Indonesia: TOSS TB campaign

    KNCV and Challenge TB have created a public service announcement to raise public awareness on TB. The video clip, which features the US Ambassador and the Indonesian rock band, SLANK, was launched on World Tuberculosis Day 2016 at the US Embassy’s youth event “Let’s TOSS to End TB” in Jakarta.

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    National Implementation of GxAlert in Botswana

    KNCV has supported the national implementation of GxAlert in Botswana. The GxAlert initiative is a system for data management, designed to work with any TB, HIV, Ebola, or malaria diagnostic device.

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    Engaging Ethiopia's civil society

    In the past two years Ethiopia had remarkable success by involving local civil society organizations (CSOs) in fighting TB, especially reaching out to women in the poor “sub-cities” of Addis Ababa. Through theses partnerships we raise awareness on the risks and symptoms of TB, and TB among children.

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    "Everybody felt a part of this"

    In 2013-2014, the first fully digital national TB prevalence survey was conducted in Zambia. Such a population-based prevalence survey estimates the true burden of TB disease. Besides being innovative in using digital tools for collecting and processing data, the Zambia prevalence survey was also the first in surveying the estimated burden of both TB and HIV. Pascalina Chanda-Kapata, survey coordinator from the Ministry of Health, tells about how this came to be.

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    Pilot for ambulatory PMDT accelerates access to treatment in Nigeria

    The introduction of the rapid diagnostic test Xpert MTB/RIF in Nigeria has led to a rise in the number of people diagnosed with and requiring treatment for MDR-TB. To ensure better access to appropriate care a pilot study was launched to introduce ambulatory care in eight selected states.

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    “We now know the direction we have to take.”

    Kazakhstan was one of the first countries to implement the newly available technologies for rapid diagnostic testing. Dr. Malik Adenov, Chief Doctor of the National TB Center in Kazakhstan, tells about the need of a programmatic approach to work towards sustainable TB control.

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    Tackling Childhood TB in Ethiopia

    One example of KNCV’s efforts to combat TB in Ethiopia involves ensuring that childhood TB is on everyone’s radar. Until recently there was very little awareness of the risk that TB poses to children, especially very young children. It calls for specific interventions.

  • Lees meer over Challenge TB

    Data Dictionary for second-line TB drugs forecasting

    With support from the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, we developed a generic data dictionary as part of the E&M (online and mobile) Health project. The generic data dictionary describes the essential data needed for second line drugs forecasting.

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    Electronic surveillance in Vietnam

    Vietnam has developed an electronic surveillance system (VITIMES) for recording and accessing information about TB patients and TB treatment results. An electronic system supports health workers and improves patient care. The system was developed and rolled out with technical support from Vietnamese IT companies and KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation.