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The TB Stigma Measurement Guide is here

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation announce the arrival of The TB Stigma Measurement Guidance, developed by Challenge TB.

Challenge TB is a USAID funded, KNCV led and managed flagship tuberculosis initiative. It is the largest TB project of its kind, operating in 22 countries worldwide.

Stigma and TB

For many people with TB, stigma or the fear of stigma greatly influences their health seeking behaviors. When patients delay or completely forego treatment for this preventable and curable disease TB flourishes, further hindering global control efforts.

A way forward

The TB Stigma Measurement Guidance offers a way forward—beyond stigma. It is a user-friendly manual that will assist those wishing to understand TB stigma, develop and measure their own TB stigma reduction interventions.

Ultimately reducing stigma, will lower barriers to TB care and make it truly accessible for all.

The TB Stigma Measurement Guide can be downloaded here.