Stigma Reduction Intervention for HCWs webinar: Introduction to Allies Approach

You are invited to the Stigma Reduction Intervention for HCWs webinar: Introduction to Allies Approach.The Allies Approach is designed as a stigma reduction intervention package for people working in healthcare provision for tuberculosis (TB). It has recently been adapted to provide a blended learning approach with an e-learning module and a module focused on peer led discussions.

The goal of the Intervention Package is to allow participants to explore, question and clarify their values and beliefs about stigma; challenge themselves; improve their environment; and change their thoughts and behaviours, such that they develop self-awareness and are comfortable with the provision of people-centered treatment and care.

Participants learn through doing, including sharing experiences, feelings, and concerns, discussing issues, and solving problems within small group weekly meetings.

This webinar is hosted for interested participants to develop a basic understanding of the Allies Approach methodology; outline what the Allies Approach entails; and how people working or studying within the healthcare profession can enrol for the course; and what can be expected after completing the course.

After attending the webinar people will have the opportunity to enrol for the 8 week course, and will receive all relevant course materials to follow the e-learning module and the peer-to-peer led module.

Cost: Free

Date of Webinar: 14 September (10.00-11.00 CEST)

Duration of Course: 8 weeks (18 September – 10 November 2023)

Target Audience: People working in healthcare provision for tuberculosis (including civil society organizations; in-service training students; and community healthcare workers)

Webinar registration:

Please share this with anyone within your network that may benefit from participating in such a course!

You will receive a link to the webinar upon registration via Microsoft Teams.

For further information, please send an email to the stigma reduction division at KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation:

We look forward to having you attend the event!

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