The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small country in Western Europe on the North Sea coast, bordered by Germany and Belgium. The country consists of territory in Northwestern Europe, as well as three Caribbean islands, and is home to roughly 17 million people. The Dutch mainland is mostly situated below sea-level which has led to the country becoming known for canals, dikes and other water-management technology as well as being the primary port of Europe due to its strategic location and efficient infrastructure. Despite being relatively small in size and densely populated, the Netherlands is the second largest exporter of food and agricultural products, and one of the oldest parliamentary democracies in the world. The Netherlands is known for its liberal social policies and is a founding member of NATO, the EU, WTO and G-10, as well as being the host to Europol, the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

Tuberculosis in the country
Tuberculosis used to be the primary cause of death in the Netherlands with little remedy available until after the second World War. Improving housing standards and living conditions had started to lead to a slow decline in TB patients, until the mid-50s, when new drugs and treatment were introduced. Within five years, this led to a of 60% decline in the TB mortality rate.

Currently, the Netherlands is considered to have very low rates of TB, most cases being primarily attributed to immigration, and the country is working towards practical elimination of the disease in the next decades.

Learning from the 110-year struggle to control TB in the Netherlands, The Royal Netherlands Tuberculosis Foundation, or KNCV, continues to contribute to the fight against TB as one of the few global exclusively TB-focused organizations in the world.

In order to contribute to the continuing struggle against the global TB epidemic, the KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation takes inspiration from historic success at home, in order to actively contribute to the fight against TB all around the world.