Target audience

  • Laboratory staff from laboratories where stool testing with Xpert MTB/RIF (Ultra) will be implemented.
  • Health care workers involved in providing care and diagnostics for children or adults with signs and symptoms of TB in a health facility at any level, who will be involved in the collection of stool samples.

Requirements for laboratory staff

  • The laboratory trainee should ideally be familiar with the Xpert MTB/RIF assay and the GeneXpert instrument.

Learning objectives of this training

After the training participants will be able to:

  • Explain how to collect stool
  • Provide instructions on stool collection to patients with presumptive TB or their caregivers
  • Process stool samples by using the SOS stool method
  • Visually pick the correct volume of stool for the test
  • Explain the critical steps of processing stool
  • Interpret Xpert MTB/RIF (Ultra) test results
  • Monitor and evaluate the stool testing related quality indicators

Course format

The training is online and teaches laboratory technicians how to perform the SOS stool processing method for Xpert testing. The training consists of two online sessions and two hands-on exercises. In the first online session, the participants will receive an introduction to and an explanation of the methodology. Participants will also receive instructions on the exercises they need to do. Participants will then do the exercises on their own. While doing the exercises, they need to film themselves. After finishing the exercises, the participant uploads the video for review by the course facilitators and receives a questionnaire as part of the proficiency test. After this, a second online session follows in which the course facilitators will provide feedback on the participants’ videos and assess the proficiency of the participants to perform the SOS stool method. Successful trainees will receive a training certificate.

Note: non-laboratory laboratory staff will only attend session one and will not do the exercises.

Time investment

Session one: approx. 3 hours

Session two: approx. 2 hours

Between session one and two, participants need to reserve at least 4 hours for doing the exercises and uploading their videos

Next training date

Session one: 19 April 2021

Session two: 21 April 2021

Download here the SOS Stool Method Training Flyer.


Course facilitators

Andrii Slyzkyi

Petra de Haas

Kristin Kremer

Edine Tiemersma

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