Agnes Gebhard

Agnes Gebhard, MD, Director Technical Division

Agnes Gebhard is a Medical Doctor with a postgraduate specialization and more than 23 years’ experience in Public Health and TB control. She worked as a TB doctor and head of TB control at a Municipal Health service in The Netherlands while at the same time gradually increasing her international involvement in TB control through KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation.

Since 2005 her focus has been on the programmatic management of drug resistant TB (PMDT) and TB control in prisons, but she maintains a broad perspective, also assisting countries in national strategic planning and donor plans.

From 2006-2011 she represented KNCV on the Green Light Committee (GLC). Agnes Gebhard is a trainer on PMDT and is active in different international forums on drug resistant TB.

Interview with Agnes Gebhard on Case finding and DOT in Vietnam.