Presentations Wolfheze Workshops 2017

Wednesday 31 May 2017

Update on the first WHO TB Global Ministerial Conference European Region (English, Russian)

SESSION 1: WHO European Region TB Action Plan 2016-2020 and country progress in adaption and implementation with focus on migrants:
1.1)-Update on implementation of WHO European Region TB-AP 2016-2020.  M. Dara (English, Russian)
1.2)-Key partners update on working with vulnerable groups with focus on migration. Marieke v.d. Werf (English, Russian)

SESSION 2: TB/HIV collaborative activities:
2.1)-Presentation on TB/HIV surveillance data Europe. Andrei Dadu (English, Russian)
2.2 -Presentation of the results of the survey on TB/HIV collaborative activities in the European Region. Gerard de Vries (English, Russian)
2.3-Presentation on ‘Integrated TB/HIV care from a clinicians perspective. Reinout van Crevel. (English, Russian)

Thursday 1 June 2017

SESSION 3: Latent TB infection:
3.1-WHO recommended M&E framework of LTBI programmatic Management. Andrei Dadu (English, Russian)
3.2Presentation Development of the guidance on programmatic LTBI control in the EU/EEA. Dominik Zenner/Gerard de Vries (English, Russian)
3.3-Country presentations:
– Germany. Barbara Hauer (English, Russian)
– Sweden. Judith Bruchfeld (English, Russian)
– Estonia, Piret Viiklepp (English, Russian)
– Finland, Tuula Vasankari (English, Russian)
-Kazakhstan (English, Russian)

SESSION 4: Putting quality into people-centred care: A focus on the patient experience
4.1 What is quality People-Centred Care? Evgenia Geliukh, (Russian, English)
4.2- + 4.3 presentation Timur Abdullaev and Tatyana Zhugan (English, Russian)
4.4-What do we mean by integrated, community-based treatment and support? An example from Romania. Jonathan Stillo (English, Russian)
4.5. Increasing understanding of civil society organisations and their use in TB care. A proposal for training of NTP and senior TB care providers. Paul Sommerfeld (English, Russian)

SESSION 5: New and repurposed anti-TB drug introduction and active TB drug-safety monitoring and management (aDSM)

5.1 -Update aDSM state-of-the art. Ernesto Jaramillo (English, Russian).
5.2 -Joint Key partners’ update, including a country example, on contributions to new and re-purposed drug introduction and aDSM. (Russian, English)

5.3 -Country presentations Kyrgyzstan. Abdullaat Kadyrov (English, Russian)
5.4 -Country presentations Belarus. Alena Skrahina (English, Russian)

Friday 2 June 2017

SESSION 6: Digital Health
6.1 -Digital Technology to end TB: the current state, evidence and solutions. Dennis Falzon (English, Russian).
6.2 -Digital Technology to end TB: the current state, evidence and solutions. Kristian van Kalmthout (English, Russian)
6.3 -Digital Health application in learning (ePAL), patient care (eTB-consilium) and surveillance (TB cross-border). Svetlana Pak (English, Russian)
6.4-mVOT in London. Alena Skrahina  (English, Russian)
6.5 -mVOT in Belarus. Al Story (English, Russian)

SESSION 7: Reporting on other Wolfheze activities and news from the organizations. Next steps Wolfheze Workshops 2017

-7.1 Reporting on other Wolfheze activities. English, Russian
-7.2 Update about the TB-REP project, English, Russian.
-7.3 Update about the European Research Initiative (ERI). English, Russian
-7.5 Guidance on diagnosis, treatment, care and prevention of tuberculosis in prison settings. English, Russian
-7.6 Update -DETECT project. English
-7.8 Ethics Asessment Tool and Training curriculum. English, Russian

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