2018 is the year for collective change in our fight against tuberculosis

We have an important conference in The Hague later this year, just preceded by an even more important high-level meeting on TB at the UN General Assembly.

This is the Year to recommit and accelerate our joint efforts – with partners, stakeholders, and in particular, national governments and all in-country service providers who serve the communities around them.

Today, KNCV is happy to be able to re-commit itself during this Year of Change through the release of its new strategy and operational guide to Find and Treat all Missing Persons with TB.

It represents an organizational-wide effort to update our approaches and to focus: it’s about innovating and evolving our response to TB.

To all who have contributed to this Guide, let me say thank you, and to all who will use this Guide to ensure each and every person with TB has access to the best care possible, I also say thank you.

But most importantly, TODAY – as part of World TB Day celebrations everywhere, KNCV is re-committing itself to closing the gap to reach every person with TB, ensuring each has the access and can obtain their right to care.

Now, let’s get the work done.

Thank you,

Michael Kimerling, MD, MPH

Director, Technical Services Division

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation

Download the full guide here.

Download the two-pager here.

KNCV has been fighting TB since its establishment in 1903. Over the past 120 years, the organization has acquired indispensable knowledge and experience in the field of effective TB prevention and care, resulting in pre-elimination in the Netherlands and significant contributions to global evidence generation, policy development and TB program implementation worldwide.

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