Challenge TB | Lead Partner: PATH | Country Director: Katya Gamazina | Partner: KNCV

Our Activities

The goal of the first year Challenge TB Project in Ukraine is to improve MDR-TB services and outcomes for MDR-TB patients in partner Mykolaivska and Poltavska oblasts through the integration of a patient-centered approach based on the ambulatory healthcare system into oblasts’ routine MDR-TB case management system, resulted in reducing mortality, lowering default rates, improving MDR-TB case detection and diagnosis, and enhancing treatment success. The lead partner of Challenge TB in Ukraine is PATH in partnership with KNCV.

The objectives of the project, include:

  • Improve enabling environment through developing and piloting a model of ambulatory care for MDR-TB patients based on a patient-centered approach considering different local conditions (rural vs. urban, special populations, etc.) and different patient’s preferences to maximize the benefits to the MDR-TB patient and minimize the costs to both the patient and the health care system. During Year 1, Operations research on the cost of MDR-TB treatment based on different models will be conducted.
  • Ensure patient-centered care and treatment through advocating to Health Care authorities in project sites for expanding TB services to ambulatory primary health care, emphasizing the advantages of ambulatory care which include a decrease in the costs related to hospitalization, reduction in the risk of ongoing TB transmission to other patients and healthcare staff within facilities, and an increase in patient autonomy and satisfaction that will lead to greater completion of treatment and decreases in loss to follow up.
  • Enhancing political commitment and leadership to ensure sustainability of effective TB-related interventions at the national and oblast levels, the project seeks to enable the government of Ukraine to make critical, technically sound policy and program decisions to improve MDR-TB control in accordance with international best practices, providing technical assistance to the WHO national TB program review and development of the next national TB strategic plan (Program) for 2017 – 2021. The Project will assist with the development of the national MDR/XDR-TB Scale-Up Plan and national guidelines on side-effects management.
  • Addressing human resource development and strengthening the capacity of providers at the oblast level in MDR-TB case management, including in people with HIV comorbidity, through a number of trainings and a study tour to the WHO MDR-TB Collaborative Center in Riga (Latvia).