Gidado Mustapha

Gidado Mustapha, MD, PGDM, MPH & MSc-MHPE, Executive Director 

Gidado Mustapha is a public health physician with over 16 years’ experience in both clinical and programmatic management of Tuberculosis, Leprosy & HIV. His experience is at various levels and settings from clinic, regional, national and international levels, on program design, planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation.

His major areas of competencies include program leadership and management, general TB & TB/HIV, PMDT, TB infection control & human resource development. He is a faculty member to two Nigeria Universities and Harvard School of Public Health (Executive Continuous Medical Education on TB infection Control) and KNCV country representative for KNCV and Challenge TB country director Nigeria.

In August 2020 Gidado Mustapha took up the position of Executive Director of KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation. He succeeded Kitty van Weezenbeek, who switched to the World Health Organization (WHO) on 1st May. Gidado was interim director for the last three months.

Gidado: “I’ve always worked in TB control. As a doctor, I have experienced firsthand that people and children died unnecessarily because they did not receive the correct treatment or because TB was discovered too late. That motivates me for this work. We are obliged to prevent this from continuing. I am honored and feel humble to be leading this organization in its mission, a world free of TB.”