Planning for new regimen introduction

TB Alliance

Under the TB Alliance project on planning for new regimen introduction KNCV supported dissemination of knowledge on new all oral DR TB treatment options and planning steps for introduction of new drugs and regimens.

Aim was to ensure countries would be ready to apply new regimens once regulatory approval for these new treatment options would be available. In support of this, KNCV adjusted the KNCV generic planning tool and developed a research protocol for the introduction of new DR-TB regimens.

Subsequently KNCV conducted a regional workshop in Almaty, Kazakhstan, discussing the expected new drugs and regimens and related planning needs, with participation by NTP staff from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Tajikistan (by teleconnection).

A similar workshop was held in Indonesia with staff from the Indonesia NTP, in collaboration with the Yayasan KNCV Indonesia (YKI). After the meetings KNCV and YKI country staff supported the development of country owned plans for introduction of new drugs and regimens. The KNCV and YKI country teams were supported by research, lab and PMDT consultants from KNCV The Hague.

Countries: Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan

KNCV has been fighting TB since its establishment in 1903. Over the past 120 years, the organization has acquired indispensable knowledge and experience in the field of effective TB prevention and care, resulting in pre-elimination in the Netherlands and significant contributions to global evidence generation, policy development and TB program implementation worldwide.

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