Meet Herry Sutanto, 34 years old.

Although his wife left him after he was diagnosed with drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB), Herry does not give up and still continues his TB treatment. He keeps going because of the support of his two children, who almost always accompany him to one of the health centers in Jakarta.

“I will always be a father, so my children are my greatest fortune,” says Herry, who always wears a mask when near his children.

Not only does he get support from his family, Herry also gets dispensation from where he works.

“The company gave me one year off for treatment and I still earn a reduced salary until I can get back to work,” he tells us.

Showing off the logo on his jacket, Herry says, “This is the name of my company, PT. Bridon, steel rolling mill in Cibitung. After I recover, I will return to work there.”

Herry is now in his sixth month of treatment for drug-resistant TB.