E-poster: Assessment of tuberculosis underreporting by level of reporting system in Lagos, Nigeria

Mustapha Gidado; KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, The Netherlands


Nigeria has only 24% TB treatment coverage and contributes 9% of the missing TB cases globally. The estimated TB underreporting was 42% in Lagos State. The objective of the study was to Assess TB underreporting by type and level of health facilities including associated factors.


Secondary data of Lagos State TB program, Nigeria. Chi-square and binomial logistic regression were used to assess the association between TB underreporting and the characteristics of health facilities (HFs), health workers’ (HWs) awareness, barriers to TB reporting, and patient-related factors.

“At least 60% of all Health Care Facilitiesunder-reported TB with a mean percentage difference of at least 7%. While All tertiary health institutions and non-NTP engage health care facilities under-reported TB.”


Awareness of TB reporting (1) = 6.576, p<.05), barriers for TB reporting (χ2 (1) = 4.106, p< .05) are statistically associated with TB under-reporting. Statistically significant  predictors of TB underreporting includes: Previously treated, Extra-pulmonary, unknown TB site, HIV negative, HIV unknown and patients registered at low and medium HCFs.